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We provide solutions that address multiple health concerns.  Chiropractic and functional medicine methods are some of the most profound health delivery systems available today.   For 31 years the Center for Well Being has been providing treatments in functional or nutritional medicine and chiropractic specialties.

The Center for Well Being 55435 is conveniently located in Edina, MN at the intersection of  I-494 & France Ave. S.

We offer many treatment choices at our clinic:

Functional Medicine Assessments: nutritional physical examination, laboratory test considerations and other diagnostic procedures to solve chronic health care issues.  Functional medicine is our specialty and we have the most experience in this dynamic healing system.  If an issue is not resolving and you would like to pursue the real cause(s), then a functional medicine approach is ideal.  It is science based with nutritional deficiencies/toxicities as a core consideration.    

Chiropractic / Myofascial Assessments:  Spinal and extremity adjustments, cold laser therapy, acupuncture, muscle massage / release methods, reflex balancing and other health activation procedures are considerations.   Muscle testing provides immediate diagnostic clues to solve the acute or recurrent pain.   Realigning the nerve energy flow with the joint, soft tissue and energy treatments is a powerful combination therapy that can be felt immediately.

Patients of all ages have turned to Drs. Richard Mayfield and Peggy Frank to improve their health.   We have the experience to handle many health conditions such as muscular/joint pains, injuries, diseases and illnesses and optimal wellness services.  Our doctors offer highly skilled services in chiropractic and functional medicine.

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